Who We Are

Information about Diyaa Majan National Company SAOC.

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Our Story

Diyaa Majan National Company SAOC is a closed joint-stock company working in the distribution of foodstuffs and refreshments. It was established under Commercial Registration No. 1100551 dated 8/1/2011 AD. It is a 100% Omani company in its administrative and operational staff. Diyaa Majan National is one of the service commercial projects that Markets and sells foodstuffs throughout the Sultanate of Oman.

The History

Diyaa Majan National SAOC works in marketing and selling pure natural water under the name “Oman Water” “Muscat Water” – MIAHNA Water, which are brands that have been able to achieve a good area of ​​the local market share due to their high quality in their products, making them the focus of everyone’s attention .
Diyaa Majan National is committed to quality and food safety in its products, as it purchases in most of its products the product that meets the standards of quality and food safety in the preservation and safety of food, which made most of its products obtain international certificates in food safety and preservation, and from them.

ISO and HACCP certificates, especially in their products “Oman Water – Muscat Water.

What do we stand out for?

1- The percentage of sodium in our water is low, only 2.9 – 5 mg / liter.

Bottled drinking water contains small amounts of sodium compared to the amount of sodium found in many other food products. The Saudi/Gulf technical regulation “Bottled Drinking Water” No. (GSO 1025/2014) specifies safe levels of dissolved solids (including sodium) and requires Bottled drinking water contains such safe percentages that do not pose a health risk to the consumer. In general, the World Health Organization recommends reducing sodium consumption to less than 2000 mg for healthy people per day, and patients with high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney failure are advised to check the amount of sodium mentioned in the nutritional data recorded on the food product label and to choose products that contain free or low amounts of Sodium.

Source: General Food Authority